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7 of Our Favorite Moody Interiors for Halloween

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

In celebration of the Halloween season here are some of our favorite moody interiors. Of course we have to start off with a spooky portrait of a distinguished gentleman. The boots and worn leather are giving us major Headless Horseman vibes.

And this interior makes me feel like I've walked into the Slytherin common room. Honestly, I'm just waiting for the paintings to come to life.

We love the antique mirror used in this space, of course, you can't see the photographer's reflection because they're a vampire.

Bell Lanterns with Mercury Glass are some of our favorite fixtures! And this Black Marble is a perfect way to hide all those stains from potions and spells.

This powder bath is a perfect example of how you can majorly upgrade your space by adding unique lighting.

And finally, our favorite moody addition to any space, dark paneled walls.

This vertical wood paneling in dark espresso is giving us all those upscale goth vibes.

Let us know what your favorite elements are for Moody Interiors! Happy Halloween!

-Studio Wellington Team

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