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Our Top 3 Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Space

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

One of the most important aspects of design for Studio Wellington is the incorporation of art in any space. Each team member at Studio Wellington has a background in art and we strive to incorporate that into every project. Art is our passion and a pillar of our design aesthetic.

1. A Pop of Color

Color can be a powerful design tool in interior design. Color can bring emotion, emphasis, and balance to your design when used properly. Selective art placement in neutral settings is one of our favorite ways to add color into a space. At our Chastain project we used a large blue painting that the client already owned to bring color into their sitting room. We used accent pillows in the same color pallet to bring the blue off the walls and into the rest of the space.

2. Salon Style Hanging

Salon Style Walls, or “Gallery Walls” as they have been referred to in recent years, have historical roots in 17th century France. These walls are nothing like what you would see in modern day galleries, which generally have one art piece hanging prominently on an empty white wall. Salon style walls are hung with many pieces of art fitting together to cover all or most of the wall space. The collective effect creates an impressive collage.

A Brief History:

Salons were places for the social gatherings of French nobility or haute Bourgeois. They were centered around the sharing of ideas and greatly contributed to the enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries. The exclusivity of these salons brought notoriety to any works of art included and gave rise to the concept of a Juried exhibition. Many artists featured on salon walls would be commissioned for portraits of nobility or Government commissioned art pieces. This became a coveted way for the display of art throughout Europe and the UK.

Modern Interpretation:

One of the unique features of these salons were that some of the paintings were hung by chains from the ceiling. As you can see here, we used a custom hanging system, similar to the historic French salons to hang this art at the 2021 Southeastern Showhouse.

3. Object Art on Pedestals and Bookcases

Art is not only limited to what you can hang on your walls. In many cases spaces, our clients need sculptural or bespoke or inherited pieces to fully tell their story in a space. We love to use custom art work and use pieces from local artists to help tell our clients stories and bring life into their home.

In the 2021 Southeastern Showhouse we commissioned a fantastic piece to sit prominently in the hallway between the back entrance and laundry. This custom work took a space that might have been overlooked and made it a moment for appreciation and reflection. This is why it is important to never overlook the impact that art, and art placement, can make on your space.

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-Stephanie and Ashley

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