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The Top 3 Trees to Use in Interior Design in 2021

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Fiddle leaf figs have been used time and time again in interior design, but here at Studio wellington we’re tired of seeing the same leaves in every space. All trees need a little bit of extra care and with some basic gardening tools and knowledge at your disposal these beauties can be long term additions to your space. Quickly understanding your plant’s light and water needs is the best way to keep your plants flourishing. Overwatering is a greater concern than underwatering, and pot selection is not only an important part of the design process, but important to the health of your plant as well. We suggest using pots made of terracotta, but if you need to use ceramic or metal make sure you have proper drainage.


With the right conditions palms can make great indoor plants. Do some research on the variety of palm that you get to determine how much light it needs. Some palms need bright indirect light while others can thrive in shadier areas. The Living Room at our Bedford project was the perfect space with high ceilings and large windows for a large palm. Remember to provide your palm with proper drainage and use a pot from a material that will help wick moisture away from the roots. Here we used a large authentic handmade terracotta pot from Crete to keep this palm looking beautiful long after install.

Cherry and Citrus Trees

Cherry trees and citrus trees are a beautiful choice for any space, but will require lots of light. Large south facing windows and patios are a great choice for these beauties. A Grapefruit tree was added in this living room next to a set of large windows to bring a fresh pop of green into the space. This addition also moves the eye throughout the space from Tree to Orchid leaves and accents the subtle green tones in the artwork. As with any tree, well draining soil and prevention of waterlogging the roots is a must. Concrete and Terracotta are great choices to help manage soil dampness and prevent root rot.

Faux Trees

The most important part of residential interior design is finding the balance between function and beauty that seamlessly integrates into the clients way of life. As many of us know, unfortunately not all spaces meet the sunlight requirements for trees and other plants to thrive. We always opt for real trees whenever possible but sometimes the best solution for client and designer is a piece of faux greenery. We used real topiaries for this photography but purchased faux trees for our client for low maintenance without compromising on design. You can find the ones we used here.


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