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Trends We’re Excited for in 2021

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

This past year was one for the history books, and as we all spent more time in our homes than we expected, trends for personalization and comfort exploded in 2020. Our homes serve as our refuge from the world and so there is no surprise that these trends are expected to continue into 2021. People are moving away from industrialized and minimalist designs and shifting their attention to personalizing and accessorizing their spaces. Here are 3 trends that we are looking out for in 2021 that are all about personalization and evoking that feeling of comfort we’re all craving.

Statement Headboards

The focus on bedroom designs has increased in the last year and it’s no surprise why. With increased time spent away from the public this has been one of the most redesign rooms of the year. A statement headboard is a great way of personalizing this intimate space without taking away from the comfort and practicality of the bedroom. Focus on bold shapes and let your bed dominate the space. Our Designers at Studio Wellington love to use unique headboard designs to instantly add luxury and personality without breaking the client’s bank. If your budget is tight, even recovering your existing headboard with a bright bold fabric or unique pattern can achieve the same effect. This stunning headboard was designed as a showpiece in our founding partners room at the 2020 Serenbe Showhouse! The details, while simple, elevated the space and added an elegant flair.

Old World Influences

Here at Studio Wellington we love to incorporate bespoke pieces into every design. We’re seeing a renewed focus on incorporating antique paintings and objects into designs this coming year. Consider going to your local antique show or store and finding one-of-a-kind objects that speak to you. Antique paintings and gallery walls are a wonderful way of adding history and elegance into your space and is an eco friendly way of decorating (reduce, reuse, recycle!). Just like buying Art, take your time exploring these objects and discovering what you like to really make your space feel personal and curated. In our recent townhouse project, we decided to use our client’s existing antique Sheraton chairs. We made them more contemporary through a glossy blue lacquer and combined them with a bleached mahogany dining table.

Rustic Ceramics

The kitchen is no exception from the popularity of old world influence. This year we’re also watching out for designers opting to use rustic ceramics in Kitchens instead of the smooth tiles that have been popular in recent years. Backsplashes and other accents made from these tiles trend away from minimalism and connect back to personalization in the kitchen. The handmade and uneven textures that can be found in these tiles remind us of rustic kitchens in France and Italy, conjuring up feelings of warm food and cozy spaces. In our recent Chastain Project, we chose this vintage feeling tile for an added hint of texture in the laundry room. The 18x18 tile feels like 4 individual tiles laid together.

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