Services Offered:

  • Residential Interior & Exterior Design

  • Hospitality Interior Design

  • Kitchen & Bath Design

  • Landscaping & Hardscape Plans

  •  Project Management

  • Renovation & New Construction

  • New Home Purchase Consultation

  • Construction & Conceptual Drawings

  • Art Consultation & Installation

  • Holiday & Special Events

  • Custom Furnishings, Framing, Accessories, & Lighting Design

  • Interior & Exterior Paint Consultations

Initial Consultation:
Our initial consultations are where we cover project goals, needs, desires, measurements, and
make some initial suggestions. There is an hourly design fee associated with this meeting, but we
come prepared to work! 

Next Steps: 

After the initial consultation, we take all the information back to our studio and begin to work on
our client's project scope. We break the project down into clear phases, based on client’s needs
and desires, and prepare for our first touch point. 

Touch Point:
Depending on the client's project scope, we have a meeting to go over our initial progress. This is
an informal meeting to ensure our client's vision matches our design intentions. This includes
quick sketches, samples, suggestions, and a progress timeline. We may have many touch points
along the way! 

Design Presentation:
This meeting will vary project to project depending on the scope. At this meeting, we go over the
full scope of the project. This may include renderings, floor plans, elevations, samples, pricing,
suggestions, and progress/install timelines.

After the design has been agreed upon and signed off on by our clients, we start the ordering
process and sourcing all materials. We keep careful track of progress through this process and
keep our clients up to date on where items are on regular intervals and upon request.

Project Oversight and Management:
Project oversight and management services are offered to our clients at our standard hourly fee
including renovation or construction projects as agreed upon during the design process. Some
clients choose to manage this portion themselves. We are always available to offer advice and
quick consultations billed in 15 min increments. 


Install varies project to project. For some clients it is more comfortable to receive items as they
come in and to do an install in stages. Some clients prefer to have everything installed at one
time. We are here to support our clients in any way we can!

Design Fees:
Our Design Fees are set at $150 an hour, with an initial retainer of $1800 before beginning project scope. Additional design fees include $45 an hour for Project Manager hours and $75 an hour for Junior Designer hours. 


Conceptual Drawing Fees:

We are happy to provide conceptual drawings of desired spaces, for permitting or space planning, with initial fees starting at $1000.

We try to work and ensure our clients are getting the best prices possible on each of the items we