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Services Offered:

  • Residential Interior & Exterior Design

  • Hospitality Interior Design

  • Kitchen & Bath Design

  • Landscaping & Hardscape Plans

  •  Project Management

  • Renovation & New Construction

  • New Home Purchase Consultation

  • Construction & Conceptual Drawings

  • Art Consultation & Installation

  • Holiday & Special Events

  • Custom Furnishings, Framing, Accessories, & Lighting Design

  • Interior & Exterior Paint Consultations

I N I T I A L   C O N T A C T 

Our initial consultation is where we cover project goals, the scope of work, and the design intent for the space. During this consultation we also discuss our contract, fees, and design retainer. 

D I S C O V E R Y 

After the initial consultation, once the contract is signed and our retainer is paid, we can move forward with discovery. This is a very important piece of the design process. Discovery allows us to fully understand your desires for the space and your preferences. Design and art are very personal, specifically in the home. Our goal is to create the best visually and functionally designed space for you. We want to know as much about your likes and dislikes as possible, so during this phase we will ask you to send us inspiration, make pinterest boards, and let us know what parts of your space are most important to your lifestyle. 

D E S I G N   D E V E L O P M E N T 

Design development is what our team does best. We take what we’ve learned during discovery and start pulling together a plan for your space. During this time we may have several small meetings we call “Touch Points” . These are small check-ins to make sure we are going in the right direction. This phase might also include visiting showrooms with the designer to look at samples, finishes, stone, etc. The frequency of these collaborative meetings is determined by client preference and can be as many, or as few, as you’d like. 


D E S I G N   P R E S E N T A T I O N 

This meeting is where we present the full scheme for the phase of the project we are in. At this meeting, we go over what we believe to be the best design for your aesthetic and intended use of the space. This may include renderings, floor plans, elevations, samples, pricing, suggestions, and progress/install timelines.


P R O C U R E M E N T 

After the design has been agreed upon and signed off on by our clients, we start the procurement process.Our procurement team works closely with clients during this process, and keeps close track of all arrival dates for selected items. We provide custom tracking sheets that get updated weekly, to make sure clients are kept aware of any backorders or other issues that may delay installation. 

P R O J E C T   M A N A G E M E N T 

Project oversight and management services are offered to our clients during the construction/renovation portion of their project. This includes supervision and inspection of all work onsite. Working directly with installers and contractors gives us the opportunity to address any issues during this phase efficiently and effectively.This greatly decreases the chances of issues affecting the final design of the space. 

I N S T A L L 

Install changes on a project to project basis. For some clients, it is more comfortable for installation to occur in stages as items come in; some clients prefer to have everything installed at one time. Let us know which items are the most pressing for you to have installed for your lifestyle, and we will do everything we can to get those areas finished first. We encourage clients to wait until the majority of their selections have been received before beginning installation. This makes the impact of this phase as minimally invasive and cost effective as possible. 

D E S I G N   F E E S
Our Design Fees are set at $200 an hour for Principal Design Services, with an initial retainer of $6000 before beginning project scope. Additional design fees include $50 an hour for Assistant Design, $100 an hour for Junior Designer and $150 an hour for Senior Design Services. 


D R A W I N G  F E E S

We are happy to provide conceptual drawings of desired spaces, for permitting or space planning, with initial fees starting at $1500.

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