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3 Tips for Adding Florals to Any Space

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Valentine's day has us surrounded by flowers in every store we visit. Traditional floral arrangements that flooded the market during the recent holiday can feel dated in modern spaces or too formal for everyday life. We’ve seen an increasing trend in the past year for incorporating plants and greenery into living spaces, but where do florals come into play?

  1. Limit Palettes and Add Dimension

Formal arrangements can work in formal spaces, but we suggest that you stick to a limited color palette, and use a mixture of heights and buds to add dimension and balance. This stunning dining space, designed by our principal designer Stephanie Abernathy, is a beautiful example of how to use flowers perfectly in a formal space.

2. Focus on Stems, not Blooms

If you want to incorporate florals into your more relaxed spaces, instead of buying a super bright arrangement full of blooms, opt for stems! Arrangements that are heavy with stems and leaves will give you a much more updated look, and last longer too! Just remember to replace the water in the vase every couple of days!

3. Use Found Objects

Here at Studio Wellington, we love to use orchids! Their long stems and green leaves work beautifully in many spaces to add nature, beauty, and balance. Here you can see Stephanie Abernathy make a beautiful custom terrarium out of a vintage display case, adding personality and history to the space. If you do receive a large bundle of blooms, don't be afraid to break up the arrangement. Place a few flowers in smaller vases, or other found containers and make the arrangement your own.

One Last Note:

Afraid of keeping your flowers alive? Don't include any blooms at all! Beautiful arrangements can be made entirely of stems, or colorful objects. Try branches, dried flowers, Magnolia Leaves, and Eucalyptus are great choices for large or small arrangements! Snip a few branches off the trees in your yard or bushes outside, just be careful to make sure you're not hurting the plant and that it's safe to have around you and your pets. Try colorful coral: like the bright red pop seen below in our founding partners dining room.

-Stephanie and Ashley

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